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This page is to list what's new on my website, I'll add links to anything that's changed, along with the date the change occurred.

27 Feb 2001: New pages of pictures added  for the weapons course held on 25th February 2001, including two short video clips.

5 May 2001: Added a 'tips page', so far it has two items, how to signup to FreeServe without using their CD-ROM, and how to mod Windows 98 to make the Start Menu multi-pane rather than scrolling.

27th May 2001: Details of the New Spirit Tournament 2001 added.

25th October 2001: Added a section about Cybot, a small kit robot, built in fortnightly parts from a magazine. This will be regularly updated as extra issues are released, and as I design extra boards for the robot.

19th November 2001: Added a Projects section, for any interesting projects I build.

27th March 2006: The domain is now hosted by, I've moved there due to my old host leaving the hosting business. However, it might work out even better, as I can host all my domains on a single account.

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