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Over the years I've built various projects, so I thought I'd start to provide details of any recent ones that I think could be useful to others. The first is actually the PIC processor board for Cybot, which is detailed under the Cybot pages.

The second is an IR remote control tester. Many years ago I built a simple one using an IR photodiode, a couple of transistors, and an LED - it was so designed that it didn't require an ON/OFF switch, but it was susceptible to sunlight during bright weather. This original design has been drawn out by a couple of work experience students, and taken to Chesterfield Technical College, so perhaps a number more have been made. But I decided it was time for an update, in particular I wanted one which looked good, so I could make it available for use in the shop at work. This design fully meets that requirement, and I have now built a total of seven, one for the Workshop, two for the two outside engineers, two for the two shops at work, one for use at a shop in Spain!, and lastly one for myself - it's this last one which is pictured in this project, although all are identical.

IR Remote Tester.

The third is a forthcoming project, I'm still deciding actually what to do with it, and it may well expand to more than one project. It's a PIC based digital to analogue converter, with a PIC based LCD display module. There's a couple of pictures of the prototype, and I'll be adding circuits and software listings as it progresses. LCD Meter.

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