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Information on SCART sockets and their use.

Sky Digital - my views on the subject, it also includes all of the remote control ID codes and details of how to actually set the handset to work your TV.

Link to Pace
Link to Pace

Pace receivers

dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)Welcome to my Pace satellite technical pages, the information presented here comes from a mixture of Pace technical bulletins and personal experience. Whilst the information presented is accurate to the best of my knowledge, no guarantee of it's accuracy is given or implied.

Pace MSS200/300 series power supply circuit.

View in Browser - MSS200/300 PSU circuit diagram (78Kb).

Download Zip file - MSS200/300 PSU circuit diagram (79Kb).

Pace MSS500/1000 series power supply circuit.

dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)As the PSU circuit for the 500/1000 is rather large, I've split it into two separate sections - the primary and secondary sides of the mains transformer.

View in Browser - MSS500/1000 PSU primary circuit (76Kb).

View in Browser - MSS500/1000 PSU secondary circuit (97Kb).

Download Zip file - MSS500/1000 PSU (175Kb).

Pace PRD series power supply problems.

PRD800/900 PSU repair details.

View in Browser - PRD800/900 PSU circuit diagram (57Kb).

Download Zip file - PRD800/900 PSU circuit diagram (57Kb).

Pace PRD800/900 Upgrade Details

PRD800/900 2GHz upgrade details.

Pace PRD series ADX switching.

PRD800/900 mod for ADX converter.

Pace SS series power supply problems.

SS9000/9200 PSU repair details.

View in Browser - SS9000/9200 PSU circuit diagram (70Kb).

Download Zip file - SS9000/9200 PSU circuit diagram (70Kb).

Pace SS series ADX switching.

SS9000/9200 mod for ADX converter.

Pace SS series decoder reset mod.

SS9000/9200 mod for decoder reset.

Pace PRD series 22KHz switching.

Adding 22KHz Tone to the PRD series.

Pace faults list.

List of faults for Pace receivers.

Pace resets procedures.

How to reset Pace receivers.

How to get in touch with Pace.

Address and phone numbers for Pace.

Link to Grundig
Link to Grundig

Grundig Receivers

Grundig GRD200/280/300 PSU circuit.

dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)The power supplies in these receivers have been exceptionally reliable, probably due to the small number of electrolytics in the primary side! - only two, including the reservoir capacitor. Anyway, In case someone may find it helpful, here's the circuit.

View in Browser - GRD PSU circuit (55Kb).

Download Zip file - GRD PSU circuit (55Kb).

dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)The GRD280 & GRD300 have a fully adjustable RF modulator, similar to the later Pace receivers, and also have the advantage that they can be set to work as either Pal-I or Pal-G. The modulator channel setting is explained in the instructions (I've included details on my Service Menu page as well), but the sound inter-carrier setting can only be changed via the secret service menu.

dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)WARNING!!. Do not alter the service menu settings at random, according to Grundig Technical, damage can be caused by such tampering. ALWAYS write down the original settings, so you may? be able to restore them afterwards. The following link gives the PIN number for access to the service menu, AND a list of original settings for the GRD300.

Service Menu.

Default PIN numbers for GRD300.
Pin number: 2355
Astra reset code: 2601
Be aware reset takes out all channel names at the same time.

Amstrad Receivers

Amstrad SRD510 PSU circuit.

dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)I've included two diagrams here, the first one is the main PSU circuit, and the second is the switch-mode circuit for the LNB polarity switching.

View in Browser - SRD510 main PSU circuit (79Kb).

View in Browser - SRD510 LNB PSU circuit (43Kb).

Download Zip file - SRD510 PSU circuit (122Kb).

Other useful sites.

dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)Martin Pickering has a site of particular interest to anyone with satellite problems, as well as technical advice he supplies spare parts and accepts receivers for repair by post. Whereas I repair various electronic items, Martin specializes in satellite receivers, and as such has vast experience in their repair.
Martins Website.

dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)Willowvale Electronics stock a huge range of spares for many manufacturers, they have a website which can be searched by model number, it can be accessed without a password, and retail prices are given Link to WVE.

dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)CPC Ltd. also stock a huge range, their site is also searching Link to CPC.

dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)The most popular parts are also available from SEME Ltd, 01664-481818, they also have a web site that will allow you to search their spares database to see what is available - however to see the prices you need to have an account and password .
Link to SEME.

Alex Brett's Digital Website which is a website on both OnDigital and Sky Digital.

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