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Pictures from the weapons course held at Pilsley Miners Welfare on 25th February 2001.

All pictures were taken off Video-8 tape recorded with a Sony CCD-TR501E camcorder, using a Pinnacle Studio PCTV Rave card and Studio Pro software. There are two video clips available as well, the first is of a high roundhouse kick (200Kb), and the second of a Tonfa defense (300Kb), I've kept both clips fairly small to reduce download times.

Group picture of all the attending students, as well as Ju Jitsu students a number of the Ken Jutsu students attended as well. Darren, the Ken Jutsu Instructor can be seen on the right of the photo.
Some of the adults during the course
A picture of the Ken Jutsu students.
Another picture of the Ken Jutsu students.
At the right hand side, Gordon and Ben Marshall.
Two of the Junior Black Belts practicing a Jo Staff routine.
Daniel Beckett (1st Dan)  blocking a kick from Melissa Goodwin (1st Kyu) with a Tonfa.
Mark Fulwood performing a high roundhouse kick on his brother David - not really anything to do with a weapons course, but it's a nice kick!.
Two students practicing with Nunchaku.
Rebecca Dart striking her younger brother Matthew with a Jo Staff.
Sensei Ramsdale demonstrates a use for a short stick on Eddie, one of the Ken Jutsu students.
Using a Tonfa to defend against a Bokken, demonstrated by two of the ken Jutsu students.
Another view of the same Tonfa technique as above.

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