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How to manually Sign-up to FreeServe. 

To set up the account, create a temporary account with these details:

Phone number 0845 0796699
Username freeservesignup
Password signup
Once you've logged on, start your Web browser and enter the following:

(don't forget to include the s in the https) then fill in the on-line form as usual, choose your login name and password and so on.

After completion, log off and then change your connection to your and your password to the password you created. 

Use the same phone number.

Other details are: 
mail -, and 
news -

For the mail server, you need to enter the full login password, that is,, not just your username.

How to make Windows 98 Program Menu use multiple columns.

You can change a Registry setting to make Windows 98 (or 95 with IE4 or later) behave like Windows 95 Explorer. 

Run Regedit and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE,Software,Microsoft,Windows,CurrentVersion,Explorer,Advanced. Right-click in the right-hand pane and choose New,String Value. A new entry will appear - name it 'StartMenuScrollPrograms' (without the quotes) and then double-click to enter data and type in 'false' (again, without the quotes the system will display what you type in quotes).

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