Ju Jitsu Picture Gallery

1996 Pictures

dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)These pictures were developed onto Kodak Photo-CD, the digitised photographs were then edited to remove the backgrounds using Picture This!. This was done to remove the unwanted portions of the pictures, and reduce the file sizes for faster downloading.

Bob (18.5KB) Ged (9.5KB)
Ged and Bob (34KB) Ged and Bob in action (18.5KB)
Tracey and Darren (15.5KB) Tony and Ged Part 1 (13KB)
Melissa (13KB) Tony and Ged Part 2 (16.5KB)
Knife defence 1(31KB) Knife defence 2(26KB)
Bob has Ged in a leg lock and hair grab(27KB) Knife defence 3(35KB)
Knife defence 4(36.5KB) Half shoulder throw(19KB)
Bob has Ged in an arm lock(21KB) Bob has Ged in a wrist lock(24KB)
Darren hits the floor(62KB) Ged throws Darren(21KB)
Twin shoulder dislocations(29KB)

1998 Pictures

dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)These new pictures were taken at Alfreton Leisure Centre on 3rd April 1998 with a Canon Sureshot Compact Camera, developed by Boots Chemists 4 hour service, and scanned using an Epson GT5000 flatbed scanner at 72 dots per inch.

Stomach Throw(18KB) Rice Bale Throw(15KB)
The Performers(28KB) Straight Arm Lock(7KB)
Crabclaw Scissors(12KB) Full Shoulder(24KB)

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